Streaming Information:

Here's how you can rent and stream our carefully curated titles featured on our website. Many are available exclusively through independent theaters — and not on Netflix or Amazon.

How do I rent a film?

Once you’ve decided on a film, click “BUY STREAM”. This will take you to the film distributor’s website where you can purchase your “ticket”. (A portion of the ticket price will help support the Cameo Theatre while our theatre remains closed due to COVID-19)

Since these films come to us from different distributors, the rental pages will each be a little different. Most distributors will require that you create an account to rent films or connect to your streaming device. Simply follow their directions.

How do I watch a film?

The simplest way to watch the films will be from a computer/tablet or phone with the most up-to-date browser and operating system. Watching this way will simply require you to follow the link provided in your confirmation email, and start streaming directly from the browser. Some distributors also offer a phone/tablet app that may create a better viewing experience.

Can I watch on my TV?

You may be able to connect to watch on your Smart TV depending upon the type and model and the app you use (Roku, Hulu, Chromecast etc). Here are some ways to connect to TV:

1.) Watch on your TV with a Direct Connection (Connect the computer to a TV via HDMI Cable)

One way to watch on your TV is by directly connecting your computer to your TV via HDMI cable. (This is typically the same cable you would use to connect a blu-ray player to the TV or can be bought HERE)


Simply plug the HDMI cable from your laptop to your TV. (Note: MacBooks need a special adaptor which can be found HERE.)


Set up your computer’s display settings to “mirror” your screen (typically found in computer settings > display)
This should allow you to see your computer screen directly on the TV as well.
Open the film in your computer’s internet browser and make it full screen.
Press "play" on your computer. You can adjust the volume on your tv.

More guides to connect to your tv can be found here if you are using a MAC or using a PC.

2.) Watch on your TV through your Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV Stick device.

This option is available for certain distributors that offers an app or "channel" for your streaming device. These "channels" you can add directly to your Roku or Firestick, including Kino Now, Film Movement Plus, and others. We recommend this method for the best quality and minimal fuss.

In order to do so, on your home screen, search channels for the appropriate distributor and click “add channel”
(Not sure who the distributor is for your film? It’s usually listed on the checkout pages for your ticket purchase or in your confirmation email.)
Go back to your channel list, find the new channel you’ve added, and login (be sure to use the same credentials you used when purchased a ticket)
Once you’re logged in, find “My Library,” and you should see your film listed there!

3.) Watch on your TV through your computer/phone/tablet using Chromecast.

In order to watch via Chromecast, open the movie on the device of your choosing.
At the bottom right of the screen you should see the casting icon that looks like this:

If you don’t see that icon and you’re casting from a computer in the Chrome browser, you can open the menu in the upper right corner of the window (or the View menu) and select “Cast”.

Once you select that button, it should give you the option to select a nearby device, then prompting you to select your Chromecast. If you don’t see your Chromecast, make sure both devices are on the same wireless network.

Another guide for setting up your Chromecast can be seen HERE!

4.) Watch films with your Apple TV via AirPlay

Open the movie on your iPhone or iPad
At the bottom right of the video window you should see the AirPlay icon that looks like this:

Once you tap the icon, select “Apple TV” from the list of devices

If you don’t see the AirPlay icon, make sure it’s enabled in Settings > General > Airplay & Handoff. You can also find these instructions and more information on the Apple website HERE.

I didn't receive a rental confirmation, what do I do?

First, check your email spam folder, as your ticket confirmation email may have landed there. It is also possible that your confirmation may not arrive immediately. Please wait a few minutes and check again. Independent distributors and theaters are working hard to adapt to these challenging circumstances and periods of high rental volume may result in a short delay.

If you require further assistance, you will need to contact the film’s distributor. As these transactions are not handled by the theater, we are only able to offer limited assistance. If there’s something that we missed, or if you have additional questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email or call us.

Can CAMEO FILM SOCIETY MEMBERS get a discount on the Virtual Cinema Screenings?

Due to our agreements with distributors, we are unfortunately unable to offer member pricing for these films. Thank you for supporting us through your membership.

How does streaming support the theater?

When you rent one of these films, roughly 50% of your purchase goes back to the distributor for the rights to play the movie. The other half goes directly to the theater.

Your support is especially appreciated while our doors are closed. When you stream one of our virtual main attractions, you help support our operation, as well as the independent filmmakers who made these films. Thank you!