Choro das 3 is a Brazilian instrumental music band of three sisters and their father. Corina plays flute and piccolo, Lia plays acoustic 7 string guitar, Elisa plays mandolin, clarinet, banjo, and piano and Eduardo plays pandeiro (the Brazilian tambourine).

The band plays Brazilian instrumental music, and their main style is Choro, an instrumental music genre that emerged in Brazil in the 19th century. The band has performed in concerts and workshops all over Brazil, USA, Mexico, and France.

The music they play is called Choro which is a form of urban jazz native to Brazil that shares a similar feel with New Orleans jazz or ragtime or bluegrass. Choro das 3's mission is to revive the Choro tradition in Brazil, where they join several other young people in rediscovering this music, and to spread Choro around the world.

Listen to Choro das 3 here: