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Cast: Shirley MacLaine, Amanda Seyfried, Anne Heche, Tom Everett Scott, Alanna Ubach, Joel Murray, Philip Baker Hall, Thomas Sadoski, Adina Porter
Director: Mark Pellington
Screenplay: Stuart Ross Fink

Shirley MacLaine is Harriet Lauler, a once successful businesswoman in tight control of every aspect of her life. As she reflects upon her legacy, she’s suddenly inspired to engage a young local writer, Anne Sherman (Amanda Seyfried), to pen her life’s story. When the initial result doesn’t meet Harriet’s high expectations, she sets out to reshape the way she is remembered with Anne dragged along as an unwilling accomplice. As the journey unfolds, the two women develop a unique bond which alters not only Harriet’s legacy, but also Anne’s future.

Rated R, Runtime 1 hr 48 mins
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Jim Broadbent (Le Week-End, Another Year, Moulin Rouge!, Topsy-Turvy) shines as fusty curmudgeon Tony Webster, exploring the longing and mystery, curiosity and regret of his past, when he is bequeathed a letter that stirs up old memories. It refers to a diary that might explain what really happened years ago between his first girlfriend Veronica and his best friend Adrian, but Veronica (Charlotte Rampling, 45 Years) has intercepted the diary and refuses to give it up. Tony’s memories, perhaps unreliable, unfold in flashback, as he struggles to learn the truth and deal with the devastating consequences of a decision made a lifetime ago. Based on the Man Booker Prize-winning bestseller by Julian Barnes, The Sense of An Ending also stars Harriet Walter, Michelle Dockery, Emily Mortimer, Billy Howle, Joe Alwyn, Freya Mavor and Matthew Goode and is directed by Ritesh Batra (The Lunchbox).

Rated PG13, Runtime 1 hr 51 mins
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Hundreds of thousands of cats roam the streets of Istanbul, free, without a human master, as they have for thousands of years. They wander in and out of people’s lives, affecting them in ways only an animal who lives between the worlds of the wild and the tamed can. Some fend for themselves, scavenging from dumpsters, living in abandoned buildings; others are cared for by communities of people, pampered with the best cat food and given shelter for the cold months. Cats and their kittens bring joy and purpose to those they choose, giving people an opportunity to reflect on life and their place in it. Cats are such an important part of the city’s personality that everyone who grows up in Istanbul or lives there has a story about a cat—stories that are memorable, sometimes scary, sometimes spiritual, but always very personal. Istanbul-born director Ceyda Torun, in her debut, has created a heartfelt love letter to both cats and the beautiful city of Istanbul, with some remarkable footage of adorable and amusing feline characters. It’s catnip for cat lovers and travel fans alike! (Partially subtitled)

Rated NR, Runtime 1 hr 20 mins
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